Green Planet Bicycle Riders' Association, which was founded in May,2008 with the objective of promoting Green Transport in general and use of bicycles for meeting day-to-day mobility needs in particular, has been playing an active role in propagating the philosophy of adopting active lifestyle and reducing avoidable dependence on use of natural resources. GPBRA has been undertaking weekly adventure activities, besides having organized national level events, such as mountain cycling competition, off-road adventurous cross-country bicycle ride and observance of the World Environment Day, etc.

Our endeavor has been to sensitize the people against wasteful lifestyles by first minimizing unnecessary use of motorized individual transport and reducing consumption of valuable natural resources whether in primary or derived form. Cycling has been the focus of our activities during all these years. It has been perceived to be the vehicle of change in the current pattern of sedentary and wasteful lifestyles.

People, who have joined activities of GPBRA are discovering a new way of life. The bicycle riders are experiencing better health and an improved level of self-confidence as also a sense of contributing to a better & livable environment. There is also a heightened perception about the need for bicycle friendly infrastructure in our cities and towns which is so essential for safe cycling. It is our belief that with increasing number of cyclists and articulation of their felt infrastructural needs, the civic authorities and the government would realize the necessity of providing bicycle friendly infrastructure, which would also help in addressing safety concerns of cyclists.
I invite you join us and be part of the bicycle movement
Satya Prakash

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