Cycling Styles & Techniques

Our ideal riding position is influenced by a number of factors.....

The angle of the upper body will typically be between 0 and 30 degrees - the real mean racing position. This flat riding position provides you with that low, aerodynamic riding position for real power and speed. This type of riding position is found on Race bikes and top Mountain Bikes.

The upper body angle of 15-60 degrees is a similar position to the one used for Street and Leisure bikes but with that little bit of extra in-built comfort and ease of use to make it more suitable for all round use. This type of riding position is found on ATB's and Tourers.

The 60 -90 degree-seated position will ensure comfort and ease of use if you need to sit in the saddle for any length of time. In the long run comfort is more important than the deceptive lines of a pseudo racer.

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