Formed in May 2008, the goal of the Green Planet Bicycle Riders’ Association is:
- To promote the use of bicycles in the community for transportation, recreation and physical fitness.
- To provide bicycle rides at various levels of challenge so that every bicycle rider can participate in group activities
- To educate members and the public about safe riding habits and bicycle etiquette.
- To promote public recognition of the need for safe cycling conditions and cycling safety
- To co-operate with public authorities in promoting public cycling facilities including, but not limited to bicycling paths, lanes and trails.

Awareness for:
- Green & clean environment
- Non motorized zero pollution transport.
- Health & skills eevelopment.
- Saving of conventional fuel for future.

Interest Development for:
- Day to day cycling
- Mountain cycling
- Cycle rallies
- Adventurous cycling
- Eco-trail cycling to promote eco tourism & wild life protection.
- Development of endurance and skills in youth.

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