Event Detail

Downhill Cycling Competition
01 Jun 2012

During the Summer Camp for Cycling Sport held during May 2012, some participants showed interest in Downhill Cycling. Green Planet Bicycle Riders' Association arranged a professional quality downhill bicycle for training in downhill cycling by the participants, who were interested in this activity. About 20 participants participated in Downhill Cycling Training during the period of the Summer Camp. Some of the participants attained high level of skill and proficiency in Downhill Biking. To encourage these participants further and to attract more enthusiasts towards this highly skilled form of sport, a Downhill Cycling Competition was organized at the Mountain Cycle Track on a specially developed track on 1st June, 2012. The required protective gear and Downhill Bike was provided to the participants by GPBRA. About 25 participants took part in the competition, some of whom showed a high level of skill and control on Downhill Biking. The winners in three different age groups were given prizes and the event was widely covered by the media, both print and electronic. Some participants showed such level of skills and technique that they can train for national level events.

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