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Recreational Bicycle Ride.
16 Sep 2012

Recreational bicycle ride on Sunday, 16th September, 2012.

As the rainy season is coming to an end, overall weather in the mornings has become pleasant, which is conducive to outdoor activities.  To take advantage of the present weather conditions, a recreational bike ride is being organized on Sunday, the 16th September, 2012.  As usual the ride will start from Mountain Cycle Track, Link Road No. 3, Bhopal at about 6.15 AM.  As the ride does not involve any rough terrain riding, even occasional riders can join the ride. 

This ride will take participants to parts of the city and the lush green areas surrounding Bhopal.  Depending upon weather conditions in the morning, the route for the ride will be fine tuned in consultation with the participants, who reach Mountain Cycle Track on time.  Participants are advised to wear helmets and other protective gear, and carry some refreshments with them.  The ride will be roughly of 2 ½ hrs.' duration.

Happy Riding !

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